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I've worked so hard to make it possible to get this website standing as there are so many competitors this time, But only for you guys we are here.

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My name is Elderny

hi there I'm glad to say that this is my Website, the contents I publish are all written by me. I've Been working as a Tech Geek From a long time but then I thought about starting my own website career so I created a website named as: eldernytech, it was a great start for my and I was really excited to write and publish contents but all I knew was to just get the Adsense approval and that's all do nothing.

I never considered about the quality of the contents I was writing and never tried to improve myself and with the time I got rejected by Google Adsense 11 Times, at that movement all of my motivation was broken in little pieces.

But after few weeks I created another Website but  this time it was a News Website: eldernyNews, I used to upload 5 posts per day like about spending 6-7 hours per day on it, Well the Adsense application is still under process will update that once it's approved.

And now I created this website not for fun, but for Knowledge, Information that the world needs so here is it.

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