25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Increase your PC or Laptop Overall performance speed using those 25 ways that are proven 100% working by experts, do it in just few minutes and enjoy

25 Ways to Speed up Pc & Laptop:

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

1. Disable startup apps

Almost all of your downloaded apps can configure themselves to auto start with the startup of your Pc, and slow it down.

Steps to disable apps starting automatically at startup on Windows 10

1. Open Task Manager

2. Click on Startup

3. Right click on those apps you don't want to run on startup

4. Click Disable

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Mostly Look after those apps which are market as 'High' in Startup Impact category

2. Disable background apps

If you want to increase the processor speed of your Pc you need to stop apps from running in your background that would make so much impact on your overall performance.

Steps to disable background apps on Windows 10:

1. Open Start

2. Search for Background Apps

3. Uncheck the Let apps run in Background Option

4. Done

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

If you want any of the apps to run in background so turn it on, and manually uncheck those apps you don't want and get it done.

Once you complete the steps, apps will not waste system ram, processor speed when you're not actively using them to improve performance.

3. Uninstall useless apps

Always Make sure to delete all useless apps that you aren't going to use

Steps to delete useless apps:

1. Open Settings

2. Click on Apps

3. Look for those apps that aren't useful for you

4. Click on that app

5. Click Uninstall

6. Again Click Uninstall in the popup screen

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Important: you can't uninstall any of the system apps, only have the permission to uninstall any third party or your installed apps

4. Install only verified apps

Old, poorly designed, and apps loaded with uncalled-for options will negatively have an effect on your device performance. And simply because the associate app comes from a widely known whole does not essentially mean that it is a smart app. To keep your PC healthy and snappy, take some time to analysis, and solely install smart apps. Whenever potential install apps from the Microsoft Store that is checked for performance and security. If you cannot notice associate app, you would like within the Store, solely then transfer different apps from sure internet sources, and make certain it has been designed for Windows ten. Also be careful with the third party apps as they contain virus that effects the performance of your computer improbably, therefore if you encounter any of third party apps that your virus checker keep you informing concerning take away it As soon as possible.

5. Keep your CPU Cool

Whenever the Temperature of your PC increase it will in return affect the Performance, as the Processor needs to be cool all the time otherwise other issues may show up.

So stay in a cold area, or just purchase some CPU fans and inject them with the CPU to make sure it won't heat up

6. Always Shut Down your Pc when not in need

It sounds silly, however turning off your pc and turning it back on once more will work wonders to extend computer performance. If you’re running into lag on your pc, merely strive turning it off, unplugging it so reconnecting and turning it back on once more.

it just cleans up all the memory used by apps and when you restart it, you will start with more power.

If you are mistreatment Associate in Nursing SSD, you will not see any edges mistreatment the defragmentation tool. However, if your device still employing a ancient HDD, mistreatment the tool will increase the responsiveness of the system.

7. Run defragmentation tool

The Defragmentation tool helps to clean optimize your driver which results in better performance.

Steps to Run Defragmentation Tool:

1. Search for Defragment and Optimize Drivers

2. Manually select any of your drivers, Click optimize

3. Wait for it to complete (Don't copy-paste any data during the process)

4. Do the same process for all of your drivers

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

It will help you to clean your Drive

8. Enable ReadyBoost

If you are using the HDD card then you can use the ReadyBoost to increase your PC performance but if you are having SSD it won't help, it just helps you to just Pen drive to share it's memory with PC without purchasing more memory.

Steps to Enable ReadyBoost:

1. Connect your USB Drive
2. Open File Explorer
3. Right-click on your USB Drive
4. Click on properties
5. Click on ReadyBoost Tab
6. Select the Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost option.
7. Choose how much memory you want to use
8. Click Apply
9. Click OK

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Note: the memory you are going to allot for the performance of your PC won't be available to store data unless you delete the Performance file from your USB Drive.

9. Purchase a SSD

It's a type of Hardware that helps you to transfer more files in a sec overall increasing the total performance of your PC helping you to do multitasking, load Game quickly etc.

10. Upgrade Your RAM

The Best thing you can do to increase you PC performance is to Purchase 4-6 GB ram and insert them in return you will find that your PC won't be crashing anymore and would stop lagging and increasing overall performance

11. Change power plan

Windows 10 have given some inbuilt feature that could be changed according to needs, By Default the value would be set to Balanced the other one is Battery Saver Mode and the third one we are going to use is High Performance Mode.

Steps to change the power plan:

1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on Hardware and Sounds
3. Click on Power Options
4. Click on Show additional plans
5. Select High Performance Option

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

1. Click on change plan settings of High performance option
2. Click on change advanced power settings
3. Change the value of Hard disk > Turn off hard disk after > Settings(Minutes) to 0 instead of 20

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

1. Scroll down, Click on Processor Power Management
2. Click on Minimum processor state
3. Change the setting from 100% to 0%

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Click on Apply Button

Click OK

Bonus: if you are getting distracted by the after 15min sleep option for that go to the same setting and look for Display option > turn off display after > Setting: 15min change that to never or according to your needs.

12. Disable automatic updates

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t recommend disabling automatic software updates; they’re the easiest way to keep you machine protected from commonly-used cyber attacks and compatibility issues, and turning them off can easily lead to your machine becoming riddled with security holes. However, there are some cases in which it may be advisable.

For example, if you use your laptop or Pc for gaming as well as work, there’s a good chance that games distribution platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store will frequently install multiple large updates and patches in the background. The Adobe Creative Suite is also prone to significant updates. By turning this option off and updating only when you actually want to use the software, you can ensure that these updates aren’t getting in the way when you’d rather be doing something else.

13. Remove web results from Windows 10 search

Search indexing in Windows 10 has come a long way from its origins in previous Windows versions. What this feature does is create an index of files and folders throughout your system, along with their metadata, in order to find them more efficiently when you try and look them up using the operating system’s built-in search function. In recent years, the way Windows handles search indexing has been radically improved, but it can still be worth optimizing if you want to make your system more efficient. 

First, you can disable the web results that appear in Windows 10’s search menu, because let's face it, you’ll almost certainly use a web browser for searching.

Steps to Remove it

1. Hit Win + R key
2. Type GPedit.msc or gpedit.msc
3. Click on Enter Button
4. Click on Computer Configuration Option
5. Click on Administrative Templates Folder
6. Click on Windows Components Folder
7. Scroll down, Click on Search Folder
8. Right-click on Do not allow web search
9. Click on Edit Option
10. Click on Enabled Button
11. Click on Apply Button
12. Click Ok
13. Do the same with "Don't search the web or display web results in Search" & "Don't search the web or display web results in Search over metered connections"
13.Restart your PC

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Now the search bar of your Pc won't anymore irritate you by searching anything

14. Disable system visual effects

Windows ten includes several visual effects from animations to shadows to a lot of subtle visuals, like blur and transparency, reveal highlight, et al. as a part of Fluent style.

Although these eye-candy effects improve the interaction with the weather on the screen, they additionally need extra system resources, that modern hardware is not a priority, however they will slow down a CPU with older hardware.

If you would like to boost the system performance the maximum amount as potential, you'll be able to disable these impact to save lots of some resources and build Windows ten appear quicker.

Disable Visual Effects

Steps to disable those Effects:

1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on System and Security
3. Click on System
4. Click Advanced System settings
5. In the Advanced toggle bar > Performance, Click Settings
6. Choose Adjust for best performance Option
7. Click on Apply
8. Click OK

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Note: If you want the font to be more readable so enable the Smooth edges of screen fonts option

Disable transparency effects

Steps to disable fluent effects:

1. Right-click on your Desktop screen
2. Click on Personalize Option
3. Click on Colors option
4. Turn off the Transparent effects option

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

By this, you won't see your settings or other windows app background transparent.

15. Switch to Linux

When all other options have failed and Windows has no more tweaks left to offer, there’s one last hail mary that can be used to wring some more life out of an aging laptop or Pc - switching to a Linux-based OS. Linux distros are generally less resource-intensive than modern Windows versions, and in fact there are a number of them which are specifically designed to be lightweight enough to make older computers usable again.

Switching to Linux isn’t the easiest process, and users should be prepared to do a not-insubstantial amount of troubleshooting, but once you’re up and running, you’ll probably find that it’s not as intimidating to get to grips with as it first seems.

16. Increase page file size

You need to increase the page file size that will help you to increase your PC performance 

The "page file" is a file that's hidden by default as it works as a memory for windows 10.

Steps to increase the page file size:

1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on System and Security
3. Click on System
4. Click Advanced System settings
5. In the Advanced toggle bar > Performance, Click Settings
6. Click On Advanced toggle bar
7. Make sure that Adjust for best performance of is selected to Programs.
8. Click on Change Button
9.  Uncheck the Automatically manage paging files size for all drives option
10. Select Custom Size Option
11.Enter the Initial and Maximum page size in MB
12. It's recommended to do this (Total Ram memory x 1.5), enter the product in Initial Size, For the Maximum Size (Total Ram memory x 3), enter the product in Maximum Size
13. Click on Set Button

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Click OK

Restart your Pc

Now you will feel that boost in Opening and closing apps and also in running apps

If those changes weren't accepted by your PC, you can revert those changes by following the same method, but on step No. 9, make sure to select the System managed size option, and check the Automatically manage paging files size for all drives option.

17. Repair installation files

If you are experiencing performance problems as a result of corrupted system files, you'll be able to use the readying Image Service and Management Tool (DISM) and System File Checker (SFC) command-line tools to mend your current installation while not the requirement to put in Windows 10. 

Fixing installation files with DISM

Steps to use DISM to repair corrupted files:

1. Make sure to have Active Internet Connection
2. Open start
3. Type cmd, click run as administrator
4. Type the Code: DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
5. Hit Enter Key
6. Wait for the process to complete
7. Then Type exit
8. Hit Enter Key

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Fixing installation files with SFC

Steps to use SFC to repair corrupted files:

1. Open start
2. Type cmd, click Run as administrator
3. Type the Code: sfc /scannow
4. Hit Enter Key
5. Wait for the process to complete
6. Then Type exit
7. Hit Enter Key

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

18. Always Update all Drivers to latest Version

When things are operating well on your laptop, it is simple to overlook one in all the a lot of crucial steps to keeping your laptop operative swimmingly and at most performance. Driver updates are so an enormous piece of the puzzle once it involves rushing up and helpful your laptop expertise.

Most Important drivers to update.
You guessed it. The video card and sound card driver updates can optimize your cards for quicker and a lot of stable performance. they will additionally embrace exclusive enhancements for individual laptop games and app's. These are driver updates that you simply don't wish to miss out on. Video card drivers are sometimes updated each few months more or less, whereas sound card drivers will take a year or a lot of to alter.

NOTE: Windows Update can often list new drivers for your laptop, however these are generally a essential version that truly could also be out-of-date thanks to the time it takes for those drivers to induce approved. Your best bet is to travel to your Video Card or laptop manufacturer's internet site and transfer the newest drivers from there. Also, if Windows Update is listing a graphics card or sound card driver, it is a light nudge signifying you most likely left it go too long.

19. Remove the bloatware installed by vendors

I've long felt that Microsoft's OEMs typically actively work against the Redmond behemoth and sully the company's name. obscurity is that this a lot of evident than within the case of what has become referred to as "bloatware." within the unending race to the lowest of the laptop market, lower value PCs have had their profit margins bolstered by OEMs through the inclusion of principally junk software package - short trials and also the like -- that will nothing however add some bucks of profit whereas transportation performance to a crawl. Frankly, this can be one in every of the explanations that i think that Microsoft's Surface announcement, within which Microsoft noted that it'd create its own device, is sensible. the corporate has to begin with a fresh start in some ways in which (no pun intended).

Steps to get Rid of bloatware:

1. Open Settings
2. Click on Apps
3. Search for the App installed by Vendors
4. Click on it, Uninstall
5. Again Click Uninstall

20. Keep viruses and spyware off your system

If you are running Windows, you would like to be running AN anti-malware program to stay viruses and spyware off your system. Nothing can ruin sensible performance sort of a carload of spyware. My personal favorite (and free!) tool for combating malware is Microsoft Security essentials. In my expertise, it has been undefeated in catching dangerous stuff whereas not considerably degrading system performance itself.

21. Turn off the Windows tips and tricks feature

When using your device, you might notice a some popping animation from the taskbar. It is the tips and tricks feature that is integrated into the device’s operating system to help users maximize the capabilities of the PC. But this can also significantly slow down your computer’s performance..

If you want to stop Windows from offering tips and tricks, go to the Start button. Choose the Settings icon and then click System > Notifications. Scroll all the way through your options list unless until you won't find the option: "Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows." 

Then turn it off

22. Delete Temporary Files

There are some temporary files that your Pc save without you knowing it, like you are copy-pasting anything from your pc to external drive you might delete that file from it's original location but some of the Temp file would be stored in a different location.

You need to delete all those files, because all of them are useless

Steps to Delete Temporary Files:

1. Hit Win + R Key
2. Type 'Temp'
3. Click on Continue Button
4. Press Ctrl + A Key
5. Hold Shift, Press Del Key
6. Done!

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

You repeat this step, when needed

23. Reset your device

If none of the methods helped you to increase your PC performance do this one and it will help you in that case.

If you want to delete every file make sure to copy-paste your files to external driver that you want to store. 

1. Open Settings
2. Click on Update & Security
3. Click on Recovery option
4. Under "Reset this PC" section, Click on Get Started Option
5. Click the Keep My Files button. (Also can do a clean reinstallation by removing everything)
6. Click on List of apps to be removed, choose it manually.
7. Click on Reset

Now, after sometime windows will be restarted and now you are free to use you PC without any issue, no viruses nothing.

Now restore the files you stored on external drive.

24. Install windows latest update

Install the latest Version of Windows 10 as it comes up with many bug fixes and also some type of lag in your PC maybe because of old Version of Win10

You need to manually install windows 10 updates if not you may encounter problems.

Steps to install windows 10 update:

1. Open Settings
2. Click on Update & Security
3. Update it, and install it
4. Restart your PC, that's it

25. Check computer for malware

Sometimes the explanation why your laptop is slow is due to malware. Viruses, spyware, adware, and alternative malicious programs are better-known to require up heaps of system resources (such as memory, hard drive, and processor) turning a tool unusable.

Although each installation of Windows ten comes with Windows Defender Antivirus, it's still potential for malware to infect your laptop.

Steps to clear infected files from your pc:

1. Open Start
2. Search for Virus & Threat Protection
3. Click on Scan options
4. Select the Full scan option
5. Click Scan Now button
6. It would take some time, but it would delete most of the malware it will detect

25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

Make sure to keep your Virus security Checker Up to date.

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25 Ways To Speed up PC or Laptop: Best Proven Methods

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